Tanning Rooms That You Can Use Based on Your Needs


The Ergoline Flair

Time For A New Era

Excellent Tanning With The Best Possible Results In Mind

This Unit Is Engineered With All The Amenities That Tanners Will Rave About

True Ergoline Style With Pleasant Comfort Cooling Body & Facial Ventilation

Turbo Power Lamps & High-Pressure Facial That Will Provide A Natural Long Lasting Tan

There’s Plenty Of Tanning To Like About This Bed.

12 Minutes Maximum Exposure Time

The Strawberry Star

You Don’t Need To Be Famous To Tan, But You Will Be A Celebrity In This Stunning Unit!!

High Power Turbo Lamps & High-Pressure Facials

All The Necessary Talent & Performance To An Award Winning Tan

12 Minutes Maximum Exposure Time

Strawberry Star
4800 Ultra

KBL 4800 Alpha (Ultra)


This Powerful Tanning Experience is pure Pleasure!

Visually Stylish & Modern Which Delivers The Perfect Mix For a Superior Long Lasting Tan To Attract Everyone's Attention!!

Relaxing European Spa Music To Enjoy In This Amazing Tanning Unit!

12 Minutes Maximum Exposure Time

Ergoline Classic 600 (HYBRID)

This Sleek European Body Form Unit

Gives you the ultimate tanning experience you've been craving!!

All around PINK enhancing deep tanning body lamps

BLUE high pressure facial lamps/ shoulder tanners

NEW skin rejuvenating ultra power takes you to the next level

Feel empowered and refreshed with absolute amazing results

12 Minutes Maximum Exposure Time

open sun

Ergoline Open Sun 1050

FEEL THE POWER! The #1 Tanning Bed In The Country!

This Powerful Ultra All High-Pressure Unit Perfectly Aligns Its Superior Technology For Every Tanner. Relax In This Modern High End Multi Lavish Bed. The Open Sun 1050’s Massive Power And Features Are A True Masterpiece Bringing Perfection To Our Clients In Every Way!

Ergoline Browning Lounge (Hybrid)

Only “The Best”

Powerful Attire! “Power With Style!”

200 Watt 2 Meter Tall UV Lamps For Pure Turbo Power Tanning Energy & Total Body Coverage!

Amazing Results with A Combination of Pink and Browning Turbo Power Lamps
For This Stand Up Unit To Stimulate New Skin Cells For Lasting Color!
Extraordinary Quality Tanning with Superior Gratification!

Browning Lounge
Radius 252 Stand Up

Radius 252 Stand Up

200 Watt Super High Output – VHO-RUVA Lamps

Even The Tallest Customers Get A Full Body Tan From Head To Toe

This System Will Shower You With Unobstructed Tanning Energy

12 Minutes Maximum Exposure Time

KBL P9S Porsche Hybrid Megasun

A powerhouse of tanning.
Perfect Harmony collaboration with FA Porsche Car!!
This sets NEW design standards to another level.
Smart sunlight select- YOU CHOOSE!
Beauty booster hyper RED light system.
Exquisite LED facial lamps.
Aroma therapy, aqua mist & air conditioning
and so many more extraordinary features in this beauty of a unit!!
Innovation that captivates customers.
A true one of a kind tanning experience for everyone!!

10 Minute Tan Time